Tumbling Down

The big Silver Maple tree closest to the house met it's demise yesterday. It has been slowly rotting away in the heart of it for several years, becoming a threat to one corner of the house if we get another ice storm. A few years ago when a severe ice storm came through, many large branches came down with a crash during the night. So, as much as I hate to see it go, down it came.

It reminded me of one of grandma's poems written because we kids had to play in a lawn with no trees, shrubs and shade when we were little.


The little farmhouse sits alone
There in the glaring sun;
No shrub or tree to offer shade–
No place for having fun.
Those children in the summer heat,
Where shall their haven be?
No hideout to climb into here–
A fellow needs a tree!

A tree from which to hang a swing;
Bushes for "hide and seek,"
With nesting birds for wonderment;
Lilacs a'smelling sweet.
And what's to tempt the butterfly
Or lure the wandering bee?
And where can all the pirates lurk?
A kiddie needs a tree!

©1973 HB Stevens