Pushin' Pixels

Over the years I've sometimes been hard put to explain to people what it is that I do for a living. Even when I was a commercial photographer it wasn't readily understood. Where did they think all those photographs in their catalogs and magazines came from? Now that practically everything I do is on the computer and over the internet, it has become an enigma to some. Basically I "Push Pixels". Most if not all of my day is spent in Photoshop. I also use many other programs, depending on the job at hand, but Photoshop is my main tool. Retouching and manipulating images simply means changing the information at the base pixel level to achieve a more pleasing image, remove facial flaws, affect lighting changes, and replacing parts or adding other images to produce a final photograph that meets the need of the client. Most of it right now for me involves retouching photos of High School seniors, families, and babies. I hope to get back into some commercial and restoration work someday.