Grandpa S.

This is in response to my sister's excellent caricature about our Grandmother on her blog and her not having many memories of Grandpa.

Grandpa was an auto mechanic by trade and a Jack-Of-All-Trades beyond that. He had his own business at the family home, and I can still remember the sights, smells and sounds when we would visit the Garage. The floor with years of grease and oil forming almost a hard shell over the concrete in the auto bay. The smells of the tools on the bench along the wall. I have some of his hand tools, which I still use and cherish. He had an office and counter area in a separate room that always fascinated me. The office was cordoned off with a rail and swinging rail gate (I wish we had a picture) The glass case counter held CANDY among other items for sale. I always requested a roll of Necco candy as often as I was allowed.

Grandpa would walk up to the house from the garage, wearing the bib overalls and what I would call an engineer's cap, and remove his shoes and hang up his jacket. The back sink was where he would clean up, I do remember his hands, mechanics hands with the traces of grease under the fingernails. As much as I can remember, I never heard him call Grandma anything but "hey!". I'm sure he meant no disrespect, just the way he called her.

He built several things over the years that I remember so well. The rowboat that he built was special when he would get it down from where it hung from the rafters in the car garage, and we got to row around the small pond in the back yard. We also fished for bass in that pond, always threw them back in when we caught any. And the little red motorized car that he built, what fun! I can see him stepping on the outside lever that started the engine, then reaching down under the dash area to put it in gear for us. Off we'd go to ride around the lawn!

He would bring out the movie camera at Christmas and family occasions, plug in the strip of flood lights to illuminate us and film us opening packages. Then on other visits we got to see the movies and slides. As I got older the word became "endure" the slides. Now, what would we give to recapture those times! Grandpa was hard working, enjoyed his other interests and I think he enjoyed having us come to visit.