Drive Time

21 hours on the road this past 2 weeks just going to work and back. I should be used to it, over 30 years driving to Williamsport to work. It’s getting so it’s harder every year. I’ve started a new job finally and have to drive to Towanda for a while for training, then will be based mostly in Mansfield. Looking forward to that 16 minute drive at last!


Well, it’s taken long enough to finish this project. My home when it sat across the creek on the hill across from where it stands now. This is the oldest picture we have, with Aunt Betsy coming out the back shed door. Hard to tell how old she is. Her parents, Thomas and Ann Evans, settled in this house in 1832. I don’t know if they built it or bought it. Another trip to the court house is in order. The restoration of the photo was fun but took a long time to rebuild details where little was available.



Back in line.

Almost 3 years? That’s not a good track record for this blog is it? I’m ready to try again, push myself to post more often. I have appreciation for people who have the gift to write well and often. I’m not a prolific writer at all, even though I would like to be able to express myself this way.

I am finally getting out of the photography studio business. 33 years now in the industry and the edge is gone! I still love good photography and the digital side of it. Photoshop is still a lot of fun to work in and I’ll continue to stay with it. Looking forward to rekindling the spark that first interested me and doing some personal work. I haven’t even carried a camera with me for a while, I’ll have to work myself back into the habit again.

Come again, maybe you can force some words from me!