Got a minute? ... or 25?

I’m trying the Pomodoro technique at work. It’s a work productivity technique to increase productivity and time management by increasing your focus and concentration on what you are doing. It’s pretty simple, set a timer (either a kitchen timer or a software timer on your desktop) for 25 minutes and work diligently for that 25 minutes. Then you get a 5 minute break, then return for the next 25 minute session. So far it works well as long as you make the choice to commit to it. One of my problems is I am easily distracted by other tasks, mind wandering and shiny objects. We’ll see how long I can keep this up!!

"Keep Looking Up!"

On August 20th one of the most recognized PBS voices was silenced. “Jack Horkheimer, Star Gazer” was and is a 5 minute show on the weekly astronomy events that can be seen during the week, with his quirky humor and stories thrown in to help explain the historical and scientific side.

He was on TV since 1976 every week, a showman and executive director of the planetarium at the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit. I don’t think he had any formal training in Astronomy, but was an enthusiastic teacher of the sky. We’ll miss you Jack, “Keep looking up!”

I used to see the show and would tease Erika, she was little, There’s your boyfriend!”

Here’s a link to his last show.

Movies, movies, movies!

I really like movies! I guess it’s my lifelong fascination with fantasy and story. Thinking back, I sometimes wish I had stayed in California in ’74 and tried to get a job in the film industry. I really appreciate the film making art and love a really good, well made film. Netflix is spoiling me, I never thought I would use a service like that and avoided it for several years. But you should see my “viewed” list, It’s great!

A Swell Time

Well, it’s about time I posted this. Mom asked when I was going to do what I said I was going to do and expound on our trip to Pittsburgh. On May 18th (see how late I am with this) Lindsay took me to Pittsburgh for my birthday gift to see our current favorite musicians, The Swell Season. What a great show, I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years and this was the best. No gimmicks, no smoke, just pure musical talent.

The opening act was Mark Digman, a childhood mate of Glen Hansard from Dublin who now lives in Pittsburgh. A little different presentation, but the same hard, all in, emotional style.

Marketa opened the set with “If You Want Me” and had several feature songs during the show. She is so wonderfully shy on stage and has a beautiful voice.

Glen, on the other hand cannot be classified as bashful, his up front personality is made for the stage and his voice ranges from a whisper to a scream. Their songs are a mix of ballads to hard hitting emotional soul rock like “Leave”.

We had great seats just 4 rows back and I just had a great time, as did Lindsay. They ended the set with “Falling Slowly”, their Academy Award winning song, and came back to a rousing encore with 6 more songs. It was a great evening, thanks Lindsay.

New Roof

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the old house picture, but here is the back shed roof before and after rebuilding the shingles. I guess the next thing is the siding.

This is going to take a while!!!


A friend of mine has just purchased a 1967 Mustang to restore. Nice project to work on in the slow times.

However, it has made me think again of my own favorite car from my youth, 1967 Firebird. Green metalflake paint, 350 HO with 4 barrel carb outputting 360 HP, factory Hurst shift. Sweet ride! I know that I’m at the age where men tend to want to relive their youth or try to “prove” something, that they aren’t really getting old, maybe that’s part of it. I just would really love to have that car again!

Dream on, old man, dream on!