A Swell Time

Well, it’s about time I posted this. Mom asked when I was going to do what I said I was going to do and expound on our trip to Pittsburgh. On May 18th (see how late I am with this) Lindsay took me to Pittsburgh for my birthday gift to see our current favorite musicians, The Swell Season. What a great show, I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years and this was the best. No gimmicks, no smoke, just pure musical talent.

The opening act was Mark Digman, a childhood mate of Glen Hansard from Dublin who now lives in Pittsburgh. A little different presentation, but the same hard, all in, emotional style.

Marketa opened the set with “If You Want Me” and had several feature songs during the show. She is so wonderfully shy on stage and has a beautiful voice.

Glen, on the other hand cannot be classified as bashful, his up front personality is made for the stage and his voice ranges from a whisper to a scream. Their songs are a mix of ballads to hard hitting emotional soul rock like “Leave”.

We had great seats just 4 rows back and I just had a great time, as did Lindsay. They ended the set with “Falling Slowly”, their Academy Award winning song, and came back to a rousing encore with 6 more songs. It was a great evening, thanks Lindsay.