Hurry up!! ...or not!

I know I've slowed down my life the last few years, out of necessity for my sanity. It gives you a better perspective on what's important.

The other day I was in Dunkin Donuts waiting patiently in line. You can see out the drive through window from the counter and a lady jumped out of the passenger side of a car and ran inside, barged right up to the counter and proclaimed - "I'm the next car in the line and I don't have time to wait!" She got her TWO donuts and ran back out, hopped in the car and they took off.

Number 1: I wouldn't have served her if I was the counter person, I'd have made her wait in the inside line.

Number 2: If you are in such a hurry, why in the world are you stopping for donuts!

So many people just can't wait, speed by to get two car lengths ahead before the 5 miles of one lane construction zone! I used to be like them, sure am happy to be on the other side now!